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Spell Your Name … in Pancake – Part 2

20140805_094302I always try to incorporate learning into our everyday life. It tends to be a lot more memorable.

One of the activities that my 3 year old and I love doing is making pancakes together. She is allergic to a lot of stuff, including wheat, so for a while we could not come up with a good pancake recipe. Now that we finally have one that is wheat free and delicious, we are making them almost once a week! The simple round pancakes got boring pretty quickly, so we branched out: snowmen, butterfly, snake and now we spell.

I make letters (always her name, her sister’s name and then some other words). When I am making the batter – she helps me and we go over everything in Russian:



Мука (Pamela’s gluten free pancake mix) – 2 чашки ( 2 cups of the mix)

Растительное масло – полчашки ( 1/2 cup of vegetable oil)

Одно яйцо (one egg)

Одна маленькая бутылка газированной воды (Club Soda) 10 ml ( one 10 ml bottle of Club Soda)


1. Отмерить муку и насыпать в миску. Measure the flour and pour into the bowl.

2. Отмерить масло и добавить в миску. Measure the oil and add into the bowl.

3. Разбить яйцо в отдельную миску и добавить в большую. Crack an egg into a separate bowl and add into the large bowl

4. Налить шипящую воду в большую миску и все перемешать венчиком. Add the soda water into the big bowl and mix with a whisk.

She does everything (I help with opening the soda bottle).

I ask her what letter I am making when I am pouring the batter. And then sometimes tells me if she wants any particular letter that day. Today we spelled her name, and the words: ем, пёс as we have been working on letters е-ё at the beginning of the word vs. in the middle.

I let her spell her own name with the letters – she needs to find the letters, and put them together. We use the Trace and Learn workbook for her to practice writing and and Azbuka 3 to practice reading syllables in Russian.

Hope you practice your spelling, reading and Russian the next time you are making pancakes.


Learn and have fun!

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AnnaOriginally from Russia, Anna has a Bachelor’s in Education and Linguistics from Moscow State Pedagogical University in Moscow, and a Master’s Degree in International and Interactive Communication from University of Lille 1, IAE Business School in Lille, France. Anna speaks fluent Russian, English and French and also knows some Spanish, German, Japanese and Italian. Her education, work experience and many years of teaching and tutoring both in the actual classroom and online helps her understand the needs of students as well as the design, management and promotion of language courses, textbooks and learning materials. As a voice actor Anna has contributed many tracks to the audio components of this course and you can see her on the videos as the lead teacher. Anna is very interested is supporting and promoting the study of the Russian language, as well as introducing Russia’s language and culture to a variety of people world-wide. If you notice any issues or mistakes in the digital or audio components, are interested in reviewing Russian Step By Step Series or in purchasing large quantities, please contact Anna.View all posts by Anna →


  1. Tina Ernspiker
    Tina Ernspiker08-06-2014

    I must say that is a pretty cute idea and I am sure the girls love it… We could try that with Spanish only our names are the same 🙂

    • Anna
      Anna Watt08-13-2014

      I am sure there are other names you can come up with – in our househols Elsa and Olaf are the other two that are always a big hit!

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    Russian Names: What is you Child’s Name?10-07-2014

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  3. Marianna Du Bosq
    Marianna Du Bosq10-20-2014

    I love this idea! My almost 2 year old is really into seeing what mommy is making in the kitchen now…. so this sounds like a cool and productive way to have her see what I am doing!

    • Anna

      Happy you found this useful. We like cooking together and use it to practice Russian (our minority language). I have lots more activities with children in the kitchen – hope to post some more soon!

  4. Sarah @ Bringing up Baby Bilingual
    Sarah @ Bringing up Baby Bilingual11-08-2014

    Such a fun way to teach and reinforce letter recognition! You could also start by pouring the dry pancake mix onto a baking sheet with a rim and helping her “write” the letters in the mix.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your language and cooking ideas!

    • Anna

      Thank you!

      We have been using a squeezy bottle recently so she can try and make them herslef – I will try the dry mix drawing idea too!

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