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Russian Step By Step for Children Course

Welcome to the Russian Step By Step for Children Learning System!

This course includes a Workbook with the corresponding Audio, Teacher’s Manual, Games and Slides. It is created for Children 7 – 14 years old. For younger kids, please look at our Azbuka Series and for High school and higher – please use our School Edition Materials.

Below please find the links to purchase the Workbook and Teacher’s Manual for all the Steps of the RSBS for Children in our Gumroad store.


RSBS for Children Workbook 1

RSBS for Children Workbook 2

RSBS for Children Workbook 3

RSBS for Children Workbook 4

RSBS for Children Workbook 5



RSBS for Teacher’s Manual 1

RSBS for Teacher’s Manual 2

RSBS for Teacher’s Manual 3

RSBS for Teacher’s Manual 4

RSBS for Teacher’s Manual 5




Although we give activity suggestions in the Teacher’s Manual we recommend to check our Games and Slides supplements that will definitely shorten your prep time.

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