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Russian Fairy Tales in Russian and English (a book recommendation)

russianfairytalesrecommendationinrussianandenglish-1Weather you would like to practice your Russian and read these tales in Russian, or you just want to acquaint yourself with some beautiful Russian fairy tales –  you will enjoy this book. In the XIX century a famous Russian collector of folklore gathered over 600 Russian Fairy tales. A great Illustrator Bilibin created drawing for some of the fairy-tales at the beginning of the XX century and they remained popular for a hundred years.

You can buy a Kindle version of the English Translation or high quality hard-back book in English or Russian.

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AnnaOriginally from Russia, Anna has a Bachelor’s in Education and Linguistics from Moscow State Pedagogical University in Moscow, and a Master’s Degree in International and Interactive Communication from University of Lille 1, IAE Business School in Lille, France. Anna speaks fluent Russian, English and French and also knows some Spanish, German, Japanese and Italian. Her education, work experience and many years of teaching and tutoring both in the actual classroom and online helps her understand the needs of students as well as the design, management and promotion of language courses, textbooks and learning materials. As a voice actor Anna has contributed many tracks to the audio components of this course and you can see her on the videos as the lead teacher. Anna is very interested is supporting and promoting the study of the Russian language, as well as introducing Russia’s language and culture to a variety of people world-wide. If you notice any issues or mistakes in the digital or audio components, are interested in reviewing Russian Step By Step Series or in purchasing large quantities, please contact Anna.View all posts by Anna →

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