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Reading Russian for Children Workbook

girl bookThis Reading Russian Total Beginner Workbook for Children is discontinued as of September 2016. You can still download the audio that goes with this book.

You can now buy and use the updated 2nd Edition of the Workbook. To find out more about it – please visit the RSBS for Children page.

Reading Russian Step By Step Total Beginner Workbook for Children with Direct Audio Download was designed to be used with children over 7 years old who can not read or write in Russian. It can be used by school aged children who have never studied Russian before or who can speak it but want to be able to read it.

This book is for your child if:

  • He/She speaks Russian (a lot or a little bit) but CAN NOT READ in Russian
  • He/She does NOT speak any Russian and want to learn some basics and learn to READ in Russian

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The structure of the book:

  • There are only six lessons, so, if the children study one-two hours a week, they will be able to read Russian in a week.
  • The book has a lot of fun drawings and writing activities, which definitely makes the learning process fun and easy to follow.

FREE Direct Audio Download Page

  • The audio tracks (comes with a Free Direct Download!) help them practice their comprehension and pronunciation, so even if your Russian is rusty, they will hear and learn the correct pronunciation.


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