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Rainbow Flower by Valentin Katayev

RainbowFlowerI love some of the classics of the Soviet literature for kids and I have been looking forward to rereading the great books with my children. When I decided to take part in 2015 Summer Around the World Reading Series, I immediately though about the book “Rainbow Flower” by Valentin Katayev (Цветик-семицветик, Валентик Катаев).

A little girl called Zhenya was on her way home from a store with some provisions when she got lost and met a lady who gave her a magical flower with seven petals – each a different color of the rainbow. Zhenya uses the first one to get home and then 5 for various silly things. When only the last petal is left she uses it to cure a boy who could not walk. It’s a kind yet easy to read and understand book that my four year old loves.

You can buy  a copy for your Kindle or order a book online for your personal library in Russian.

You can alo liten to the audio-book here.

I was surprised to know that the book was translated into English in 1960-ties and published with beautiful illustrations. If you or your child do not read Russian then this is a great way to get to know this story.

There also was a cartoon created based on the story.

As a follow up activity you can create a Rainbow flower of your own:

1) Here at a 12 year old Tanya explains how he made hers.


2) And this video will show you another version of the flower

Enjoy your summer reading!


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  1. Shaparak

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for sharing the book “Rainbow flower”. I have read it when I was a little girl. Your post brought back lovely old dreams.
    I am wonderimg if you know where I can get other old books such as “Stories and pictures” by Suteev and “Vitia Maleev in school and at home”.I have read them when I was little and would love to get it for my daughter. I am interested in hard copies but PDF is fine too.
    Any information would be highly appreciated.

    • Anna

      Thank you so much for your comment. I Love those books too and read them to my kids still. You can check out this website – they seem to have a good collections of children’s book I I enjoy reading with my kids.

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