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Lesson Plan: Teaching Russian Letters

Часто, когда я общаюсь с преподавателями, возникают вопросы о планах урока. Я думаю, что это отличная идея, и мы воплотим […]

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1st Grade

The First Day of School Celebration in Russia. Part 2

September 1st is on our doorstep and you probably all know that it is a huge country-wide celebration of the first day of school in Russia! Follow the link below to learn more about it or enjoy some recollections from Russia on September 1st 1987:

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14 Fotografiy Sovetskoy Shkolyi

The First Day of School Celebration in Russia. Part 1

1964. USSR. Near Moscow When I remember my first day at school, there was no celebration. Just before that long anticipated day […]

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20140805 094846

Spell Your Name … in Pancake – Part 2

Practice your spelling while making pancakes for yourslef or your family – your kids will love it! We were spelling in Russian and had fun!

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Russian Humor Explained

In order to understand the humor in the joke, especially if a joke is too closely linked to a specific […]

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A Customer’s Story: My Cultural Journey

We love hearing personal stories about how the other culture, language, country changes us or makes us realize something about […]

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