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Russian Toys

The Russian Games and Toys in My House

This post is written for a Blogging Series Around the World in 30 Days hosted by Cutting Tiny Bites. Childhood […]

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Russian Book Collage 28

Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #28

Welcome to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop! The Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop is a place where bloggers can […]

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Easter2015 Collage

Russian Orthodox Easter Celebration in the US: decorating Kulich and coloring eggs with kids.

Kulich, onion-skin colored eggs, Pascha, visits to the cemetery, huge family gatherings – that is what Easter was like for […]

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Why learn the Russian Handwriting?

This question is so commonly asked by the students of the Russian Language that it warrants its own blogpost. Yes, […]

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Queen Of Hearts 311651

Everything for a Princess in Russian: Princesses, Princes, Fairy-Tales.

The first time I saw a Disney princess movie was when I was 14. It was the movie Aladdin. So […]

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Furniture In Russian

Furniture in Russian: I will have something to sit on in Russian and English

My almost 4 y.o. daughter asked me today: “Мама, а как по-английски табуретка?” (Mama, what is English for “tabuhretka”?) And […]

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20141218 113545

A Book Collection about Russian Winter

My oldest daughter loves reading and being read to. Right now her reading in Russian is a lot better than […]

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Votchina Deda Moroza

Russian New Year: Everything You Wanted to Know About Grandfather Frost

Russians love celebrating New Year and for me as a kid it was one of the favorite holidays, second only […]

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Morning in the Pine Forest: Co-author a Painting

My favorite childhood chocolate candies, which then were quite expensive, were “The Club Footed Bear”. Then you could only get a couple and only in special gift bags you got at the end of your summer camp stay or for the New Year’s festivities. It was practically impossible to buy them. On top of the blue wrapper there was a picture of several bear cubs climbing trees with their mother bear next to them on the grass, watching them. The scene took place in the morning in a pine forest.

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20140629 150939

What is YOUR Name? (Russian Names)

In Russian it is very traditional to have an official name and a family-freinds names that have many variations are are used interchangeably.

Russian full name consists of a first name, a last or family name and a patronymic (an adjective formed from the first name of the father). In the official documents or when you fill out a form, last name goes first, then first name and patronymic. So it looks like this: Ivanova (family name) Lidya (first name) Nikolaevna (patronymic) – Иванова (family name) Лидия (first name) Николаевна (patronymic).

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