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Slides and Games

This page provides the links to the Games and Slides for each level. They are digital materials that you can print out or use electronically. You can give them to your students, but can not re-sell them.

Welcome to the Russian Step By Step for Children Learning System!

This course includes a Wokrbook and the corresponding Audio, Teacher’s Manual, Games and Slides and is created for Children 7 – 14 years old. For younger kids, please look at our Azbuka Series and for High school and higher – please use our School Edition Materials.

Below please find the links to purchase the Digital Slides and Games Direct Download for all the Steps of the RSBS for Children in our Gumroad store.



Every class gets a lot more fun with Games!

RSBS for Children Games 1

RSBS for Children Games 2

RSBS for Children Games 3

RSBS for Children Games 4

RSBS for Children Games 5

Although we give activity suggestions in the Teacher’s Mnaual this set of Games will require no additional prep time. We provide you with the instructions for one useful but fun game for each lesson, with the printouts or handouts that you will need for them. You can print them out as much as you need to and have unlimited use for educational purposes, although you can not resell them. Games and fun engage the students and the children can see what they learnt and what them can now do!


The digital slides are very popular with the teachers as they save a lot on prep time. Some teachers told us they used to spend 1-2 hours to find and put together the slides for one lesson, and this was a resource we had a lot of reqeusts for. Imagine – spending 10-12 hours  (or more!) to put together the illustrations for the 6 lessons! We not only put the photos and illustrations together but made sure they form a cohesive presentation and paractice material for the new vocablary and grammar points presented in each lesson. You can also modify the slides to your needs, although you can not distribute or resell them afterwards, but you are granted unlimited use of them for educational purposes. Teachers also print them out and distribute to kids in class, use them with the projector or in online lessons.

rsbs-ch-l1-slidesRSBS for Children Slides 1

RSBS for Children Slides 2

RSBS for Children Slides 3


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