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Audio Download

Welcome to the Russian Step By Step Learning System!

Below please find the links to the Digital Audio Download for all the Steps of the RSBS for Children.

RSBS for Children Step 1

RSBS for Children Step 2

RSBS for Children Step 3

RSBS for Children Step 4

RSBS for Children Step 5

This course includes a Wokrbook and the corresponding Audio, Teacher’s Manual, Games and Slides.

Each audio track is indicated by a loud speaker and a corresponding number in the Workbook. That is the track number you need to listen to. The track numbers and the exercise numbers do not match. Please download the digital file to your computer, electronic player, phone or record it to a CD.

We recommend that you listen to all the audio tracks, even if some of the exercises were covered in class. Please listen to the past lessons, as that helps with retention. Listen to the audio in the car (especially during the long trips), while walking, or working out – the more you can incorporate the audio tracks into your everyday activities, the more you will improve your retention, comprehension, and pronunciation.

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